Accounting Made Simple
with Megi

Easier, simpler & faster accounting with software designed for China's unique business conditions

Features to run every part of your business

Easy Invoicing

Create professional invoices and track account receivables

Pay Bills

Manage your cashflow and pay your vendors on time

Bank Reconciliation

Keep track of the money in and out with daily updates and simple bank reconciliation

VAT management

Track VAT receipt, issuance, verification and deduction status against transactions

Claim Expenses

Easily record, claim, and manage expenses and receipts online


Track cashflow, AR, AP and expenses status at a glance with beautiful dashboards

Attach files to data

Attach source documents to almost anything – invoices, bills and more

Multi-Currency Accounting

Reconcile foreign currency accounts, easily track gains and losses

Tracking categories

Track revenues and costs on dimensions such as projects and product lines

Cloud Access

Cloud access with Megi means you have access when you need it. Not only are your records readily available, but it gives you an up-to-date view of whats going on, whenever, wherever.

Less Data Entry

Data upload with Megi allows for bulk upload of bank statements and automatic reconcilliation, freeing up your time for things that matter more.

Better Decisions

Connect your accounting software with other apps to see how other processes affect your bottom line. Megi software gives you the overview you need to make better decisions.


As your business grows, so do the benefits of Megi. Add more products, users and accounts whithout sacrificing the accuracy of your books.

Things are simpler when then they are built together.
Find localized business applications built to work with Megi.

Find Your Megi Advisor

Accountants typically don’t speak the same language as innovators. Good thing Axel Standard advisors are no ordinary accountants. They possess the tools and experience to tailor make a solution for your business. Axel Standard advisors are servicing clients of all sizes across many industries. Search the directory to find one suitable for your business needs.

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