PosPal powers over 600,000 of restaurants and retail stores around the world. It provides real-time synchronization of your daily sales and gives you a total insight into your business’s position. Grow your business with affordable, flexible, and powerful point of sale app and back office tools.

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Point of Sales System for China's F&B Industry

Pospal makes keeping up with China’s Consumers demand easy. Get set-up on all the major food-delivery systems in China and get orders sent straight to the kitchen through Pospal. A clean and friendly user interface makes getting your staff up and running quick and easy with minimum training needed. You can choose from all kind of affordable hardware running on iOS, Windows and android.

Pospal even helps run your business with powerful backend features such as real-time access to your businesses performance from literally any device and enabling you to make important decisions like managing inventory remotely, making sure your business always stays on track.


Point of Sale

Create custom receipts using Pospal and easily manage returns, refunds, store credit and cash with one single system. Pospal even works in offline mode minimizing the downtime of your business.


Pospal enables you to take your store online with its online store management tools. Manage your orders through a mobile app to keep up with today online consumers wherever you are.


Pospal makes payments easy with with seamless to mobile NFC  payments including Wechat and Alipay. Easily run promotions with easy coupon management and enable your customers to split the bill all in one solution.


Pospal enables business owners to easily manage inventory across all their business units all with one system. Once setup, sssue purchase orders, view inventory movements, conduct regular inventory counts, and transfer stock between entities seamlessly.

Better CRM

Pospal features powerful CRM tools to keep help you engage your customers. Get valuable data on your customers and leverage loyalty campaigns to get the most out of your customers. You can even send feedback surveys to get valuable insight on how you can improve your business.


Pospal generates valuable data for reporting at every level. Compare product sales and with their costs to get valuable insights on how your business is doing. As you business scales up, so does Pospal, providing report on regional, per-store performance and even individual employee performance.


Benefits From Integration With Megi

  • Automatically Sync Daily Totals

    Daily sales totals, payment totals, account sales, and invoices all automatically sync to MEGI, saving you time and money from manual data entry and eliminating human error.

  • Make Reconciliation Simple

    Daily totals, accounts sales and stock orders from Pospal will automatically post to MEGI, helping you keep track of merchant payments, sales, and purchase, making reconciliations easier than ever.

  • Get All Reports You Need

    Pospal supercharges your MEGI reports. You can track products, suppliers and customers, and monitor your business health and profitability.

  • Track Profitability in Real-Time

    Real-time cost of goods sold (COGS) feeds  into MEGI and are recognized as them as sold. You can view your profitability against wages, rent, and other expenses to understand your true performance.

  • Easily Manage contacts

    Sync your contacts between Pospal and MEGI. Any changes you make to customer information in Pospal will automatically update in MEGI.


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