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Megi is a cloud-based accounting software for small businesses with operations in China. Purposely built for China’s unique accounting and taxation requirements, Megi software automates many of the time consuming, but necessary, accounting tasks and makes it easier to make sure your business is on track at all times.

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Accounting Software for Chinas Unique Requirements

Megi is cloud accounting software designed for the unique business requirements in China. We enables businesses to maintain their internal control processes essential to running their business successfully while also providing the necessary tools to comply with China’s unique requirements. What makes Megi unique is its open-API connection to many best-in-class SAAS applications that allow you to tailor fit an ERP solution to your business requirements.



Megi helps you stay productive with your finances. From the dashboard, you can view the balance of all your accounts including outstanding invoices, overdue invoices, upcoming bills and a snapshot of all your expenses incurred for any given month. Megi puts all this in one place, helping you stay productive.


Megi makes invoicing simple by maintaining your products and services allowing you to create an invoice with a few simple clicks. You also save time by replicate previous invoices and automatically send recurring invoices. You can even create custom invoice templates and send your professional invoices directly from Megi.

Bank Reconciliation

Eliminate cash coding as one of the headaches of running your business. Megi automatically matches your bills, invoices and transactions with your bank statement, making reconciliation simple and easy.


Create an unlimited amount of custom reports in Megi and export them at a moments notice. Create a unique report for each of your KPI’s and grow your business the smart way.

Bill Payments

Save time one your payments through batch payments and replicate payments for recurring costs. Megi also gives you a convenient view of upcoming bills through the dashboard ensuring you stay in control of your expenses.


Megi makes it easy to manage multiple currencies for your business. Set a preferred currency for clients and Megi does automatically converts amounts for all your invoices and bills for that client, while keeping your local books intact and up to date.

Expense Claim

Megi helps you manage your expense claims and eliminate mistakes in the process with an easy to use interface for expense claim submission and approval. Digitally record all expenses as they occur to help get your staff reimbursed quicker.

Fixed Assets

Easily monitor your fixed assets in Megi and keep track of key figures needed to calculate your asset depreciation accurately. You can also create custom balance sheets that enabling you to monitor asset value in real time.


Megi eases your monthly account closure with automated inspection of your sales, purchases, expense claims, general ledger and other monthly processes against compliance benchmarks helping you ensure the completeness and neutrality of each business transaction.


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